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Refer up to 3 Active users and stand a chance to win $10,000. This offer is available to new and existing investors. It is not a must that you will be an active investors to win the prize.

If you are a representative, you will also earn 10% of your referral commission plus the prize. For more information contact our support through live chat email or support form
Jun-21-2019 10:40:23 AM

"We would like to let you know that ongoing maintenance on Privateemail servers affects the ability to receive emails. All emails sent to Namecheap support are queued and will be received after the maintenance is over. If you have a support request please submit it at our HelpDesk or initiate a live chat session. We are sorry for any inconveniences"

Since we are using privateemail to handle all our mail request, the issue will also affect our email request.

We sincerely apologies for the issue.
Jun-8-2019 08:12:04 AM

61 Days Online And Counting.
Have you started the journey with Ali Forex Limited? This is a very good time to start with us because we have developed a master plan to pay steady profit to our investors for a long time.

We have also activated a VIP plan, through this plan we will be able to appreciate our Big investors who has been the back-bone in supporting our capital in Forex and Crypto market. This VIP plan, pays 125% after 1 Day and the minimum investment on the plan is $5,000 USD.
Jun-3-2019 11:48:04 AM

Hourly Return On First Plan Removed
We will like to use this medium to inform all our members that our hourly return on the first plan has been removed.This means all total return will appear on the account after 24 hours of investment/ deposit.
May-28-2019 09:45:30 AM

Increase In Bitcoin Minimum Withdrawal
I will like to use this medium to inform all members about the increase in our bitcoin minimum withdrawal. Due to the recent increase in bitcoin price, we have also increased our minimum withdrawal because the minimum require to be processed automatically is 0.0002 BTC which is greater than the old $1.50 minimum withdrawal.

We have increased the minimum withdrawal to $2. If you have any question feel free to email our customer care or contact us via telegram or any medium that is convenient for you.
May-20-2019 12:32:49 AM

Our Introduction Video Has Been Added To Our Home Page
Our Introduction Video Has Been Added To Our Home Page. You might experience auto- play of the video. If you do not like the auto play feature please notify us through any of our contact medium. The response we gathered will enable us make the decision to keep it on auto play or remove the auto play feature.

Thanks and once again, Happy Earning.

May-4-2019 05:15:25 AM

Server Issue Resolved
Server Issue Resolved: We Have been battling with a server issue which kept our website off sometimes during the past week but the issue has been resolved. You can now have access to our website 24/7 without interruption.

Remember: You can use the contact form to submit any question or chat our live support for assistance.
Apr-26-2019 03:22:21 AM

We Have A Positive Week Ahead of Us (Market Analyzed)
Market Analyzed
Our professional team of traders has analyzed market condition using their acquired over 10 years experience of technical and fundamental analysis. They have anticipated a positive boost in our capital through this week.
Ali Forex Limited, In its effort to ensure steady and automatic withdrawal has received great applause by many of our investors all around the world.
Have you Joined Ali Forex Limited as Investor? If you are reading this news as a none investor, you can start investing with a minimum of $10 and have experience of how we work.

Apr-15-2019 05:07:32 AM

Increase In Bitcoin Minimum Withdrawal
We will like to inform all our investors about the increase in bitcoin minimum withdrawal from $1 to $1.5. This happened as a result of sudden increase in the rate of Dollar to bitcoin.

We use Electrum wallet to process automatic withdrawals and the minimum bitcoin amount allowed through automatic withdrawals is 0.0002 btc which is now higher than $1. So, we deemed it necessary to increase the minimum withdrawal for bitcoin.

ALI FOREX LIMITED is always steps ahead in making your investment experience here the best. Happy Earning
Apr-8-2019 10:42:09 AM

A lot of investment companies has emerged but without a strong financial background rooted in the efforts of professional team, It tends to close or shut down. ALI FOREX LIMITED has a strong management team , who has experience in Forex, Stock and Crypto market trading. The balance all option before executing a trade. All funds in ALI FOREX LIMITED ( is insured, so you can invest and be sure that your money is safe and yields profit on a daily basis.

We have employed the best DDOS protection to ensure our server is always available for you. We also make use of 2048 bit Secure Socket Layer(SSL) to secure the transaction on our website. All withdrawals are processed instantly without any delays.

Having the best solution to the issues of failed companies, this clearly shows that the goals and objectives of ALI FOREX LIMITED is to ensure steady return of profit without interruption for years to come.
Apr-5-2019 10:38:11 AM

We Have Officially Lunched
ALI FOREX LIMITED has official lunched online, you can expect nothing less than the best service. We have professional team who are committed to giving you the best. If you have any question you can always chat our online support agents.

Have a nice earning and experience in ALI FOREX LIMITED
Apr-3-2019 01:12:38 PM

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